About Us

    BL4CK BIRDZ BOUTIQUE is a family ownded and operated business founded in 2019 by Jennifer Miranda. Her inspiration came from her 4 beautiful little girls, Zoey, Xaley, Abbigale and little Emma. Her goal is to show her girls that they can do ANYTHING they set their little minds to! She has them help her with counting inventory, making signs, hanging items up etc. They are a big help! Jennifers other inspiration came from her need and love of helping. She wants to help people feel empowered and beautiful just the way they are. 

Our mission:

Our goal here is to help you feel free and beautiful in your own skin. All of our clothing are selected carefully from many different vendors around the world. We always have you in mind when making a selection.

Eventually, we plan to expand outwards and hold plus size and kids clothing in our stores, but we currently just hold sizes Sm-Lg and a few XL. We love everyone  and strive to reach out to all!